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Pulitzer goes to New York Times 'Snow Fall' journalist

The journalist behind multimedia long-form feature Snow Fall, published online by the New York Times last year, has been named as the winner of the Pulitzer for feature writing.

Snow Fall, by sports journalist John Branch, was published in December last year as part of the Times's step into ebook publishing with Byliner and the planned launch of a number of long-form "narratives in areas in which The Times has reporting expertise". Snow Fall, which was about "The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek", was the first feature to be published under the new partnership.

The interactive feature provides a multimedia digital experience for the reader as they move further through the story, with images, video, maps, moving explainer graphics and image slideshows. The main story is presented in chapter-style stages, with users able to choose whether or not to click on video and slideshows to explore the content further.

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