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Newsmodo launches as online marketplace for freelancers

An online content marketplace has launched which allows freelancers to sell their stories and news outlets to buy written articles, photographs and videos. first reported on Australia-based Newsmodo in January, explaining how it would be used globally for journalists, photographers and videographers to sell newsworthy content.

The site for buying and selling content went live today. It was announced by Rakhal Ebeli, founder of Newsmodo, in a presentation at news:rewired, a conference organised by

Ebeli got the idea for Newsmodo while he was working as an online and television journalist in Australia. He found he was increasingly becoming a "third-party broker" for content.

In 2011 he launched a smartphone app, called Newsme, which has enabled him to test the concept, and this has now developed into Newsmodo.

Ebeli told that the freelancer retains control, setting the price of the written feature, photographs or video content. The creator also has a profile so a potential buyer can see examples of other work.

The online marketplace allows newsrooms to set assignments, which are distributed live via a mobile phone app, and freelancers around the world can accept assignments in return for payment.


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